When a fairytale becomes real life; watch out for “The School for Good and Evil,” a Netflix movie that proves that trouble hits even the most whimsical land.

Netflix is coming out with a new leading-edge movie on October 19th, “The School for Good and Evil” which combines everything we can ask for in one movie. The film is based on a fairy tale school that balances the devil’s advocates vs righteous characters; a school of heroes and villains!

"The School for Good and Evil" on Netflix, Sophie and Agatha

Image Credit: Netflix

The movie is set in Gavaldon, a fantasy village where two incompatible best friends join the School for Good and Evil. Sophie and Agatha want to escape their complicated lives and under a red moon, their entire life changes when they transition to the school. Sophie’s days as a seamstress is over and Agatha’s witch-like powers are redirected.

"The School for Good and Evil," Sophie archery scene

Image Credit: Netflix

The girls are classified between the good and evil sectors of the school. They face challenges with all the other characters in the new environment, however, they also make positive relationships. It is difficult for them, and although they have evolved they still feel like misfits. The school’s captain promises that a true love’s kiss will be the fix to all their problems and navigate them to the right path.

"The School for Good and Evil" on Netflix, the ball scene

Image Credit: Netflix

However, the dreams of the girls are shattered when threats and negativity surface in Sophie’s life, making it clear that they are out to get her and her new world. Although this is set in a fantasy world it is still personal to viewers and those in the real world. It signifies that no matter where you are, being at the top means that there will be things trying to knock you down! Will the girls win this fight and prevail through any obstacle? 

Will a true love’s kiss really fix everything? Is it the power within the girls or lack thereof that will surpass through it all or put everything on the line? Tune in on October 19th and find out!

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