Camila Mendes and Maya Thurman-Hawke star in a new Netflix movie and we cannot wait for its release!

“Do Revenge” is a Netflix original movie which follows the story of a girl that was uncrowned from the high school royalty title. She meets an unexpected friend and they become partners in crime! They work together to take revenge on their enemies and do it in an unapologetic, girl-power style! Airing on Netflix on September 16th, make sure to add this movie to your watchlist!

What to Expect

Camila Mendes along co-stars for ''Do Revenge" Netflix Movie

Image Credit: from Netflix

Drea, played by Camila Mendes was once the ‘it girl’ of her school, she was the queen bee and had a popular boyfriend to accompany her as king. She was a style icon and leader at the school, she maintained her place up high on the social ladder. When she gets overthrown of her title when her boyfriend who is now an ex leaks a private video of her, she meets Eleanor. Eleanor is played by Maya Thurman-Hawke who had a similar situation happen to her over a rumour.

Camila Mendes and Maya Thurman-Hawke on "Do Revenge" for Netflix

Image Credit: from Netflix

Once the girls meet, they relate immediately and form a secret alliance to execute a revenge plan against the other’s opposition. This is when the mood of the movie comes alive. The movie represents girl power and the meaning of a true friend. It also expresses that the whole high school royalty bandwagon is not worth it as it is fake and temporary. These girls were not fighting to regain their titles but to serve justice for the damage done and to consequence their bullies!

Camila Mendes and Maya Thurman-Hawke on the set of "Do Revenge" airing on Netflix

Image Credit: from Netflix

The movie focuses on how females can be targeted, especially over things that they cannot control. It also shows how when these girls were at the top of their game was when the haters decided to step in and knock them down. The girls fight for justice and do not let the haters step all over them! And they did it all in a dark and comedic, partner-in-crime fashion, we cannot wait to see how this plays out as it is surely going to be entertaining!

If you want to get a taste of this vengefully spicy film, make sure to mark its release date on the 16th!

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