With halloween less than 24-hours away, there’s nothing that we’re craving more than a good scary movie. And not the kind of scary movie where you’re torn between laughter and screaming (Darkness Falls) but the kind of scary movie that keeps you up at night. Whether you love watching horror movies outright or prefer to watch them peaking from behind a pillow (guilty), we’ve got the perfect list for you. Thanks to Netflix you need to look no further than the streaming platform for all of your spooky watching-material needs. Happy Halloween!

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If you’re not a fan of having a good night’s sleep then this is definitely the film for you. I won’t get into too much detail but the way that the demon in this film terrorizes Annie (Toni Collette) and her family will have you sleeping with the lights on.

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A clown – need I say more? There’s just something about clowns that’s creepy no matter what the environment. Whether they’re coming at you from the gutter like in this film or at a birthday party like in childhood, we just can’t shake how eerie they are. This 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel by the same name, stars Bill Skarsgård and will be sure to give you the spooks.

Chucky halloween

Cult of Chucky

Just like we don’t like clowns, there’s also something terrifying about dolls and the possibilitty of them being possessed. The Cult of Chucky (2017) is the follow-up to the Curse of Chucky (2013). While Chucky has been creeping people out since 1988 (Child’s Play), this time he’s back with a vengeance.

get out

Get Out

It’s not every day you come across a film in the horror genre that’s as intelligent as this one.  This film is the perfect medley of witty, funny, and downright horrifying and was perfectly cast with Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) and Allison Williams (Rose) at the helm of it. Outside of all of the well-timed moments, eerie music and incredible acting, this film will stick with you for days after.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

There is something deeply disturbing about watching an average human get possessed by an unknown entity and this film delivers. Starring Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson, this film focuses on a 19-year-old-girl, Emily Rose. What may be the scariest part of this film is the fact that it’s ‘based on a true story.’

Check all of these films out and many more spooky flicks on Netflix.