Netflix is making clear efforts to crack down on password sharing. This has given them a nice bump to their total paying users, as they try and expand their gaming platform. If you log on to the Netflix app on a mobile service, you will notice that there are now over 80 titles available, with many of them being inspired by Netflix original shows. There are also licensed games, which have driven a substantial rise in downloads.

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Unique Gaming Experiences for Subscribers 

Netflix is hiring big names in the video game sector, and they are also investing a lot in cloud gaming. Just like streaming, the gaming industry is home to fierce competition. If you go to play blackjack games at Paddy’s for example, you’ll notice different variants of poker games, some of which are live. This allows the site to cater its offerings to different micro niches, something that Netflix is trying to do for itself. By offering games based on new Netflix shows, they hope to drive growth while offering unique gaming experiences for fans. Netflix reported their first-quarter earnings and made it known that they’ve added 9.3 million subscribers since the password crackdown. With a grand total of 269.6 million subscribers across the world, the company has said that they are going to stop reporting numbers and the average revenue generated per member in 2025. With growth expected to be 16%, it seems that the password crackdown has paid off.

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A Prime Focus on Consistent and Dependable Content

Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix has also released a statement saying that the company aims to create new and consistent content. They want their games to be played all around the world while telling analysts that they are in the early days of planning live programmes. This is going to be done in a similar way to how they added unscripted films and games to the platform. With the company expanding on all fronts, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more original game titles added as the year goes by. Netflix’s move into games wasn’t risk-free, however. The streaming giant made the decision to move into games after a sharp dip in subscriber growth.

On top of this, when people are playing games, they’re not watching content, so it was a bold move. With there being 80 mobile games on Netflix. There’s plenty of proof that Netflix is giving developers breathing room to pursue more loftier ambitions. After acquiring Night School and Next Games, the company has released titles such as Oxenfree, which can be played without download. They released this through the controller app and has been a huge success so far, with a 9/10 rating on Steam. 

As Netflix looks to solidify itself as an all-round provider of entertainment rather than just a streaming service, it’s going to be interesting to see what developments are in store for the future, and whether or not the password crackdown has the same impact on their gaming platform as it did for streaming numbers.

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