Is Jada Pinkett Smith being sued for $2 billion? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @talkingflicks, Jada Pinkett Smith is in hot water- allegedly- for her recent docudrama, Queen Cleopatra.


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Jada Pinkett Smith Cleopatra

Did Pinkett Smith cost Netflix $2 billion?

As noted in the above TikTok video, Pinkett Smith was in charge of the Netflix documentary series that was about Queen Cleopatra in which they claimed Cleopatra was black. Now, it appears that Netflix is allegedly being sued by the country of Egypt for the sum of $2 billion for reportedly lying about their own history.

Cleopatra Netflix Reddit

As noted in the following TikTok video posted by user @greekgateway, the Netflix project received initial backlash upon its release which was centered around Cleopatra’s race in the new series.


???? Hey Netflix! Cleopatra was Greek, not black. Video by @Amala ? Amala Ekpunobi #greece #greek #egypt #egyptian #cleopatra #ancientgreece #ancientegypt #greektiktok #greeks #ancientgreek #greekhistory #greekmacedonian #hellas #hellastiktok?? #ptolemaic

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A lot of content creators took to social media to discuss their views regarding the latest mini-series, in which comment sections were also filled with differing perspectives.

In a Reddit thread, people talked about the mini series’ release and their thoughts about Cleopatra’s race. Check out what some people had to say below:

“It’s straightforward. If Netflix wants to make Cleopatra black, which is historically inaccurate, they should not market the program as a documentary. The pushback is 100% justified as this is plain misinformation.”

“It’s another example of attempting to rewrite history. Woman king suffers from this too. It’s intentionally done to start controversy and then the show claims “what do you mean your upset” and allows them to virtue signal. The only thing that can come from this is furthering racial divides to the point people start casting Ryan Gosling as MLK”

What do you think about the alleged claims, allegations, and reported lawsuit?

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