The highly anticipated Halloween series is finally approaching us!

“The Midnight Club,” a Netflix original series is coming to Netflix on October 7. This is the perfect show to binge-watch this upcoming Halloween. It follows a group of adolescents that meet every night in their hospice to share scary stories. This mystery/thriller is a great watch to lead you into the season!

Meet “The Midnight Club”

Members of Netflix "The Midnight Club" in elevator

Image Credit: Netflix, photo by Eike Schroter

These teenagers were either sent away to the hospice or ended up there, but no one knew what they were really signing up for. The hospice seems to have a lot of history and every single patient is experiencing that in their own way, whether it be through seeing ghosts, having mystical and paranormal things happen to them or finding out about the dark past of the hospice. They are trapped and cannot leave which is just as frightening as them being haunted by the ghosts and presences in the hospice. All they have is each other and so they meet every night at midnight to share their experiences, they form an alliance to solve the mystery and dark past of the hospice and stick together to fight its terror!

The Haunted Hospice

Girl screaming, clearly frightened in "The Midnight Club" on Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix, photo by Eike Schroter

The show is coming out shortly and so far we have a trailer that is already getting attention as the series is getting added to many people’s watch lists. From what we have gathered, it seems that the series will probably progress slowly with the scary aspects, and not everything is hardcore scary; there are a lot of other themes prevalent. From friendships being formed and even romances, this Halloween must-watch will surely keep you entertained and feeling festive this season.

The Spirits 

Netflix, "The Midnight Club" paranormal activities against the members

Image Credit: Netflix, photo by Eike Schroter

“There is a spirit in us all,” and that is definitely a true statement when it comes to this show. It seems that the ghosts are somehow mirroring or embodying the innocent patients and that is what makes this show really touching. As we see the vulnerable and identifiable side of the patients and then to see the dark side of the hospice take advantage of that is an emotional yet appealing journey for viewers. “The Midnight Club” already has us hooked!

With the air date of October 7 being right around the corner, this series is one you definitely don’t want to miss! So join the club and watch “The Midnight Club” on Netflix!

Published by HOLR Magazine.