Goop is leading into springtime with their new April 2021 G. Label Collection, which instills fierce confidence in any wearer looking to exhibit power through their wardrobe staples. 

Gwyneth Paltrow’s natural beauty – including the beachy wavy hair she lets flow, shows Paltrow paying homage to her 90s look. This also makes her more relatable to women, as with being unable to go to hair salons, nail salons, or any cosmetic institute these days, comfort and naturalness have become the go-to. So, in showcasing these elegant but comfortable pieces while staying true to her natural self, Paltrow provides for an authentic feel to be associated with this collection.

This new collection features 15 styles (some featured below), that put timelessness before trends, as these items will never outstay their welcome in your closet, and you will find yourself obsessed with wearing them every day. 

Fluid shapes, streamlined silhouettes, and refined basics: Together, these power pieces instill a fierce confidence that, much like its wearer, is anything but tame 

This spring, don’t keep yourself tamed. Instead, get shopping and express the brave and powerful woman you really are.

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Oerlemans Drawstring-Waist Cindy Patch-Pocket Skirt Blau Button-Up Jumpsuit

Anjelica Rivera