As summer is coming to an end that means the fall and winter weather is slowly approaching. The cold weather can dry out your skin and make it ashy and brittle, to keep it smooth and refreshed used Calyx smooth body lotion. 

Calyx is a Canadian-based wellness brand that uses botany to protects and maintain good health with the help of CBD. Plants sourced from non-GMO hemp stalks create a wide range of CBD products to help your mind and body. 

The brand has a range of products including sprays, capsules, bath bombs and of course lotions. Right now the CBD Smooth lotion is the perfect way to start protecting and maintaining healthy skin. The Smooth lotion is 600mg and is packed with moisturization to combat the driest and roughest skin, and allow it to get back to its healthy smooth texture. 

The 600mg CBD lotion is formulated with the best-sourced hemp, is water-based and packed with essential oils. The aromatherapy oils include lavender and sandalwood and have anti-inflammatory properties (sandalwood) and stress-reducing properties (lavender). With lots of research, Calmx has seen positive results for themselves when it comes to the lotion, including the combat of acne, eczema, arthritis and inflammation. 

Using the Calyx products is easy and functional for both home use and on the go. The CBD lotion is easy to use as it is a localized product. This means that the lotion should and can be used when needed and in the right spots. As time goes on you will be able to know how much you need and when to reapply it. The lotion itself is water-based meaning you will have enough cream to cover a good general area, and because it is not oil-based it will not leave an oily-like feeling on the affected area. 

This product has been known to work perfectly whether combatting dry skin like eczema or combatting pain and inflammation for arthritis, the cream is known to work in many different ways. Many people have it for daily use, from after workouts like yoga or for menstrual cramps. 

Another product is the Smooth+ 1200mg CBD lotion. This lotion is a step up in hydration and has a heavier impact on those really tough aches and pains. The tropical application help with CBD absorption and gives local inflammation and pain relief for a prolonged period of time. 

CBD has scientifically proven to repair the physiological systems in the body and brain, CBD is linked to helping anxiety, depression, chronic pain, asthma and many more. Calyx has many products like lotions that can help improve your mental and physical health.

Published by HOLR Magazine