A recap of NYFW Fall Winter 2022.

NYFW Fall Winter 2022 Was Confusing

Photo Credit: Et Ochs

As one of the most anticipated weeks in the fashion calendar, this season’s NYFW was deemed low-key and quiet. Usually, when the month of February (AKA the F/W fashion month) arrives, my entire Twitter and Instagram feed is filled with fashion week content— from influencers getting ready, sponsorship posts from brands, and even street style pictures. Somehow, this season was oddly quiet except for maybe when Peter Do showcase his highly-anticipated collection or when Julia Fox opened Laquan Smith post-breakup. It’s hard to tell whether NYFW was choosing to be low-key or there weren’t just enough materials to talk about.

It is also good to note that fashion weeks usually have a recurring theme between shows and collections. It’s unintentional but it’s still there especially when you look closely. For the past couple of years, the trend was to be comfortable and cozy at home. This time, however, NYFW felt a little confused. It felt a bit all over the place. The ideas were contradicting as if no one have any clue on where fashion is going. 

Weather-Confused and Weather-Obsessed

NYFW F/W 2022 Was Confusing

Photo Credit: Dion Lee by Daniele Oberrauch / Gorunway.com

For a Fall-Winter season, some collections were either weather-confused or weather-obsessed. The cut-outs, slinky dresses and barely-there outfits remained on the runway as displayed by Kim Shui’s Fall collection. Dion Lee follows suit with gladiator sandals and fishnet tops combined with shearling corsets and puffer jackets. Indeed weather-confused! 

As for the weather-obsessed designers, ADEAM tried to make quilted coat/cape happen. Et Ochs does the same with a puffer shawl that eerily resembles a time when weighted blankets were all the craze. Simon Miller, on the other hand, was perhaps one of the few brands that nailed the winter look. Though fur boots may be the most impractical footwear during the winter snow sludge season, it’s still very chic, so who cares?! 

Waists Are In! 

NYFW F/W 2022 Was Confusing

Photo Credit: (L) Interior, (R) Peter Do by Greg Kessler

It seems as though society is slowly moving past the need for baggy, oversized clothes. The keyword here is slowly since brands like Co are still keen to show us oversized yet polished trench coats. But worry not, Proenza Schouler made sure to remind us of the existence of corsetry. Luckily, Proenza made sure to reinvent the idea in the form of seamless knitwear. Womenswear brand Interior literally snatched waists with its impeccable tailoring as seen on this blazer. To further emphasize that waists are finally in again, Peter Do styled his collections with not one—but three belts. It’s that serious. 

Is it Indie Sleaze or is it Y2K?

NYFW F/W 2022 Was Confusing

Photo Credit: Coach by Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to claim that most of us are now tired of seeing Y2K. Sure it’s cute and sexy, but perhaps the recent rise of Indie Sleaze and alt fashion is a consequence of the Y2K-butterfly-clips-hot-pink-obsessed culture we’re currently on. The question though— is this the path we want? 

This season, brands seemed to be desperate to make 2014 Tumblr happen again. We have Nicole Miller’s plaid collection that will either remind you of Vivienne Westwood or an H&M Divide collection circa 2014. And then there’s Coach who is desperately trying to engage with the younger crowd by inviting TikTok stars and creating the ultimate Indie Sleaze collection. Enter the graphic tees, babydoll dresses, and graffiti-printed leather coats. They might as well have played The 1975 and called it a day. 

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