What happened in Offset’s Instagram story? HOLR breaks down the top-trending news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, Offset posted an alleged story containing some explicit content to his Instagram account recently.


What you missed if you didnt see Offset’s IG story #foryou #offset #cardib #story

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The TikToker explains that he can’t show users what Offset’s story was- or else he would risk the TikTok video being taken down- but that it supposedly showed Offset “playing with Cardi B’s…” and then the TikToker trails off.

Offset Instagram Story

In the Instagram story- which is now gone- Offset could be seen “grabbing, smacking and jiggling” Cardi B’s behind in the NSFW video as mentioned here in this article. Cardi B could be heard saying, “You happy to see me?” in the clip. Although the clip is no longer available on Instagram, some viewers thought there was too much PDA being shown publically in the video.

Offset Cardi B

This isn’t the first time Offset posted NSFW content featuring Cardi B on his Instagram page. He also shared a photo of Cardi B in lingerie celebrating Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

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