Here’s a secret we want to tell you, and of course it’s about our pink-haired skater boy from Gossip Girl and a new fashion/ accessories trend that everyone needs to try. Skaterboy, a model, and of course the beloved actor who plays Aki Menzies on the reboot of Gossip Girl, has teamed up with Pandora for a limited-edition gift set that can become your favourite accessory.


Evan Mock curated a gift set containing pieces that represented his passions including a vintage film camera, a camper van, coconuts and a palm tree, all these charms were displayed on the Pandora small bag charm holder. This charm holder can be an accent to your accessories like your bags and purses, added to your keys to hang off your pant loops, or be super edgy and turn it into a necklace. 

Just like the cast of Gossip Girl, Evan Mock is known to be edgy and a trendsetter, and it’s no surprise that this collection with Pandora is meant for people just like him who love to take what’s given and turn it into a fashion statement (just like his pink hair.) 

The collaboration with Evan and Pandora is a representation of Evan, his love of skating and surfing, his passion for photography, and his days spent enjoying the likes of Hawaii. Evan and Pandora curated this charming set, and Evan himself designed the packaging. 


Pandora is known for its silver products, including the most famous which is the classic charm bracelet. The charm bracelet has been around for years and is able to be customized for any client, their interests, passion and everything is alike. Just like Evan’s collaboration with Pandora, you can customize the small bag charm holder alongside Evan’s favourite charms and make it your own.

Evan has been known to make the world his own, travelling, skating and doing everything he loves. Although we got to know Evan through the new reboot of Gossip Girl, Evan has been a household name for a while. He is a professional skateboarder, model and has even been the tour photographer for Travis Scotts Astro World Tour. 

Evan and his passions help show the world you can do and put your mind to anything, including crazy dreams, especially because nothing is as crazy as walking into a world like Gossip Girl.