As 2022 is about to wrap up, it’s time to look at your closet and find a way to spice things up for next year’s summer. Your fashion game says a lot about your sense of style. And summer is the perfect time to make fashion statements since so many people will be spending time outdoors in the bright sun. 

Keeping up with summer trends is an excellent way to stay chic in such weather. You can get inspiration from your fashion icons, check out fashion shows, watch galas, or take a look at what fashion stores like shopjustice.com and many others have in store for that season. 

With that in mind, here are the top seven summer trends to watch out for in 2023:

1. Jeans

One thing about jeans is that you can wear them at any time of the year. They’re a staple in all casual getups, they’re here to stay. The main reason for that is the number of styles they can come in, which include:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Wide leg
  • Patchwork
  • Flares
  • Barrel
  • Jumbo turn-ups

These jeans styles fit different occasions. For instance, ripped jeans for girls are perfect for a date with their significant other, girls’ night-outs, or a stroll along the beach due to their carefree look. On the other hand, wide-legged jeans are your go-to style if you dread the constrictive feeling of skinnies. Their breathability is especially beneficial on hot summer days. You can wear them while shopping for groceries or at laid-back hangouts.

2. Cut-Out Dresses

Cut-out dresses are the real deal if you want to show some skin in your summer outfit. 

In the past, these dresses were popular as wedding gowns, and their only design was the torso-based cut. It’s a good thing today’s cut-out dresses have several designs you can rock in the summer. For instance, you can have the cut design on your entire side or below your bust line. If you want to show off your ribs, go for the rib cage cut design. These body-skimming designs allow you to pair them with long coats or sashes.

3. Cargo Pants

If you love pockets, cargo pants are a must. You can wear them to almost every occasion. Additionally, you can pair them with nearly everything in your closet. They’re available in most colors, thus, making them easy to pair with a top of your choice.

For the shoes, swap your usual sneakers with a pair of stilettos. You can never go wrong with high boots, too. If you’re planning to rock your military-khaki cargo pants, your white t-shirt is the ideal choice to complete the outfit. 

4. Bow Details

Bright light and intricate details go hand in hand. To truly bring out your stylishness, ditch your plain, generic outfits and go for getups that are filled with designs. You can have some bow details in strategic places to grab attention. With smart placements, these add that extra flair your highly detailed outfit needs. Try attaching one on your shoulders or neckline. You can also have it in the belt position at the back of your dress. 

5. Florals

Nothing says chic more than a floral print on your outfit. The best way to pull up at all your summer functions is by rocking your floral outfits. 

You can have floral patterns in a dress, blazer, or pants. Alternatively, you can have a floral blouse to break a plain outfit. All you need to do is ensure the hues blend in well. For instance, a pink skirt suit is great when paired with a multicolored floral blouse. Ensure that the pink color covers the largest part of your blouse. 

6. Sheer Dresses

If you want to rock some see-through outfits, try sheer dresses. They’re inspired by top fashion houses and are gaining ground as trendy summer outfits. Feel free to join the bandwagon by trying them next summer. 

The beauty of sheer dresses is that you can pair them with several items in your closet; for instance, a white singlet top does well with a sheer black dress. You can also try a multifaceted look to bring out a classic vibe. 

7. Mini-Dress

A mini-dress gives off youthful vibes. Summer is the time to show off your legs, and this fashion item is the perfect way to do just that. Try chiffon or silk ones instead of those made with heavy fabrics. You can rock a floral mini dress for a wedding with a sun hat. Top it all off by putting on ankle-high boots.


As we wait for next year’s summer, start checking your outfit collections as soon as now. Remember, fashion is subjective. Don’t limit yourself to these suggestions. Use them as a base to stretch your creativity in making unique summer outfits that’ll leave tongues wagging. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.