Why is Penn State Professor Dog Video trending? HOLR breaks it down.

CAUTION: Disturbing content ahead

According to this article, a Penn State professor is under fire for engaging in sexual acts with a dog in an attempt to “blow off steam.”

Penn State Professor Dog Video

The graphic and disturbing video that captured the acts shocked cops who responded to the incident. Allegeld,y the professor involved told cops, “I do it to blow off steam.”

The professor in question is Themis Matsoukas (64). As mentioned in the article, he was supposedly caught on a trail camera earlier in the year committing disturbing acts with his dog, a border collie. The professor was reportedly identified by the backpack he was wearing- because he was supposedly wearing a ski mask to conceal his identity- and he was allegedly trying to record the acts with an iPad.

As a result, he was allegedly caught naked (from the waist down) while committing the act with his dog and was subsequently charged. The professor is now on leave from his job at the university.

Penn State Professor Dog Reddit

Reddi users took to the platform to discuss the disturbing acts in this trending thread:

“Okay but did they save the dog? The dog needs to be removed from that home,” questioned one user regarding the safety of the dog.

“Most people I know drink, go for a jog, watch a movie to blow off steam. Either Penn state students are on another level of stress inducing or he’s got a serious screw loose,” stated another user.

“I don’t find this kind of sh*t funny at all. It’s animal abuse and it makes me angry and sick,” stated another user.

Penn State Professor arrested

New Update: A veteran and award-winning Penn State professor was charged on Monday following the discovery of numerous videos depicting him engaging in sexual acts in Rothrock State Forest. This is the same location where he was filmed last year attempting to entice a dog to lick his anus.

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