Last season on Perfect Match we saw Dom and Georgia win the title of “Perfect Match.” 

Are Georgia and Dom still together?

June 10, 2024– The pair were linked for a while before things went south between the two and they broke up after cheating allegations came about in March of 2023, as noted here. Fans accused Goegria Hassarati of cheating on Dom Gabriel with Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey. Dom ended up exposing Georgia on the intent following the claims and their breakup became quite messy.

Now, in season 2 of Perfect Match, we find out that Dom and Georgia’s relationship was reportedly broken up by the one and only Harry- who is notorious for dating women from other Netflix Reality shows (Francesca Farago, Chloe Veitch). Harry ended up cheating on Georgia several times (another messy breakup), as noted here, and the pair have since parted ways.

Dom and Harry have actually become good friends since this drama ensued- both Dom and Harry star in Perfect Match Season 2 together. On the show, Harry claims that he guesses people are confused that the two of them are friends after they dated the same girls and after everything that went down. However, Harry claims that when there was “a chance for him to approach me and talk about things and talk it out like men” they became friends.

So, who are Dom and Georgia dating now?

Perfect Match Dom and Georgia

Dom was currently on Perfect Match Season 2 and from the looks of his Instagram, it doesn’t seem as though he is romantically involved with anyone right now. However, the show is currently still airing so we will have to wait and see how the rest of the show pans out to find out if he makes his way back into the villa to find his Perfect Match.

Who is Georgia Hassarati dating now?

Georgia is dating Jesse Baer. The pair have been linked since 2023.


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What are your thoughts on this Perfect Match drama resurfacing during Season 2?

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