Want to dive deeper into the story of Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev?

Simon is the man behind the wildly successful Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler who conned 10 million from his victims.

Join host Rebecca Lavoie on the ‘You Can’t Make This Up’ podcast as she engages and breaks news with the filmmakers, actors, and contributors who brought these incredible stories to life.

Wherever he went, Simon Leviev’s entourage would follow. A carefully curated supporting cast – his business partner, his driver, his security guard and more – created an air of glamour and legitimacy. But who were these people? Were they in on the scam? Or were they victims of his lies, as much as the women Simon swindled? In the first special episode, Rebecca explores the theater of Simon.

The Making of a Swindler is a companion to the documentary, The Tinder Swindler, now on Netflix.

Listen to the podcast episode here.