The famous actress Pooja Bhatt was recently seen as a contestant in Big Boss (BB) OTT season 2.

In the BB she manages to connect with the audience and her fans, becoming the finalist in the show. This actress has always proven her honesty and she is very well known for maintaining her professional and personal life.

In a recent interview with Sidharth Kanan, Pooja Bhatt opened up about his viral kiss with her father Mahesh Bhatt as also noted here. The picture of them was the cover of a magazine and it went viral at the time of release.


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Without any regret, she opened up about this situation. She told the interviewer, “No, because I see it very simple, and I think that unfortunately jo hota hai (what happens is), a frozen moment can be represented and misrepresented in anyway.” She also claimed, “(I remember Shah Rukh Khan had told me that when you have daughters and when your child is small), how often a child just says, ‘Mummy papa give me a kiss’. And they go this way.”

She expressed her thoughts by saying it was an innocent moment for her and that she was not going to prove it to anyone. “(Whatever its connotations, people may read it as they want, they will see it as they wish I cannot defend it here. If you want to see the relation between a father and a daughter in a different way then you can do anything. And then we talk about family values.” (As also noted here).

Mahesh Bhatt also supports his daughter a lot. Her father participated in Big Boss to boost his daughter’s confidence.

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