Demons is the track from her new album, Scarlet.

Doja Cat released her new single, Demons, featuring Christina Ricci. We recently saw her in popular shows such as; Wednesday and Yellowjackets. Now you can see her in the new music video, Demons, where we can see her fighting a horrifying demon.

Christina Ricci Doja Cat

In the video, we see Christina peacefully sleeping on her bed. Until a black, red-eyed demon crawls on her bedroom ceiling and eventually comes to her bed. The demon is played by Doja Cat herself. Then Ricci and her family realize that their house is haunted. Especially when a couple of demons took over the house completely. In the end, Ricci and her family manage to get out of the house and leave it abruptly.

Some of the scenes in the video will remind viewers of movies such as Poltergeist and A Nightmare on Elm Street. For instance, the bathtub scene and television scene.

Christian Breslauer and Doja Cat direct the video. Demons is the latest single of Doja’s upcoming album “Scarlet,” that will release on 22 September. Scarlet is her fourth studio album. Demons is the third track released this year from Scarlet. Before that, “Attention” and “Paint the Town Red” were released in June and August, respectively.

Doja Cat Demon Lyrics

Check out the video below.

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