What were Prince William and Ivanka Trump talking about at the Jordanian wedding?

Prince William and Princess Kate attended the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan who got married to Rajwa Al Saif. Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were also in attendance.

A video of Prince William and Ivanka Trump interacting with one another is now going viral online showing the duo in deep conversation with one another. Check out a TikTok video of the interaction below reposted by user @nypost.


#IvankaTrump seen chatting with #PrinceWilliam at royal wedding

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It is unclear what the two were talking about but they seemed to be in deep conversation. One TikTok commenter speculated that Prince William “doesn’t seem [too] thrilled” to be talking to Donald Trump’s daughter.

Was Ivanka Trump at the Jordanian wedding?

As mentioned in this article, both Prince William and Ivanka Trump attended the Jordanian wedding with their respective spouses.

prince william and ivanka trump

Image Credit: Alamy Live News

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