There was a time many of us dreamed of becoming grown ups, to have the freedom to do any thing and everything with zero limitations. Oh how we fantasized about it, played about it, craved it, we couldn’t wait for it! Now that we’re older, amongst many other adult responsibilities nobody prepared us for, we have to slowly start to figure out our long term housing opportunities? YIKES!

An exciting prospect of becoming an adult in this day and age is that there are so many different types of homes we can live in that are cute, comfortable and affordable!! This includes shipping container homes, townhouse, split houses, many condo options, and mobile homes. he insurance policies for each of these housing options has some similarities, but can be vastly different.

For example; top rated mobile home insurance is difficult to find because some places do not require insurance for mobile homes, therefore there is not always much effort or call for quality insurance policies to be brought on. The same goes for a shipping container home, it depends because they can be well manipulated while being built. This means that shipping container homes, more than other home options, have the possibility of having an impeccably impressive fire escape route and water draining/damage control and resistant features.  Of course, to get to that point requires a lot of research, understanding of textiles and materials, and long discussions with an insurance team. 

Many people presume those living in mobile homes, or shipping containers do not intend for that to be their forever home, therefore they don’t need insurance policies. However, personal property coverage is available to property and home renters as well as owners! This takes many factors into play, including;

  • Building or dwelling coverage; determined by the property or home owner
  • Other structures; gates, fences, etc.
  • Property coverage; on most occasions is 50% of the property/home worth
  • Loss of Use; For if someone living there ruins it and makes it ‘unliveable’
  • Personal liability coverage: Understanding the type of lifestyle someone leads in order to best plan for the possibility and range of harm or disturbance they can cause to another.

These are only a few of the factors and prospects taken into consideration when figuring out home and living insurance, as well as personal property coverages for any of the places someone resides in, whether as a renter or owner.