As chillier weather hits and many of us are continuing to work from home for the near future, the need for comfortable yet stylish and chic pieces has never been more important. Enter Pure Balanxed – this fashion brand is Canadian designed and made, offering high-quality and comfortable basics in several styles and the softest fabric.

Pure Balanxed was conceptualized by its founder and designer, Allie Duff in 2018. Following a personal illness, she needed clothing that was comforting, soft, and easy to wear but could not find suitable options that were Canadian made. 

“Pure Balanxed was developed at a time of my life where I was at my rock bottom, my health was declining,” says Duff. “Clothing has always been a huge passion for me and I always dreamt of creating my own brand. While taking care of my health I really struggled to find what I wanted; something to both comfort me as well as make me feel confident in myself. I knew there was a gap in the fashion industry when it came to Canadian women’s clothing brands that did this so I took my struggles and turned them into a clothing line which not only makes women feel good physically and mentally but also empowered and confident.”


The brand’s Original Classic Joggers are a coveted piece with a cropped ankle and made from a blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex for the softest bottoms imaginable. 

Every Pure Balanxed piece features the brand’s signature X with a unique affirmation tag that provides messages of love, support and encouragement to wearers such as, “I am worthy,” “be here now,” and “I am loved.” 

“Our signature affirmation tags were developed through my mental illnesses,” notes Duff. “When facing uncertainty I became very fond of being able to hold onto something to help me through moments of distress. Also, while using daily affirmations as part of my treatment it was a given that I combine the two to create our affirmation tags. It enforces positive self-talk, allows you to be able to slow down and breathe and makes each our pieces unique and special to our community. Flip the X to find that supporting message.”


Pure Balanxed’s Classic Hoodie is also the perfect fall hoodie to stay warm and cozy while stylish. It’s lightweight and can be worn year-round or layered with a Classic Tee in the cooler months. Designed with longer wrist cuffs to provide the ultimate cozy piece, the cuffs can also be folded to add to the class piece.

The ultimate Canadian brand, Pure Balanxed also offers masks for adults and children featuring the signature affirmation tags, all designed and made in Canada.


Pure Balanxed is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL for women at