Being queer-positive is more than just being accepting towards the community, it’s about embracing the community and learning to understand the battles they fight on a regular basis.

It’s understanding the normality of being in love and being accepted by your parents. It’s the little things like feeling pretty one day and the next day not wanting to leave the house. Queer positivity to me is showing queer individuals in a light that lets the world understand that we are all in fact just human beings in need of love and acceptance. However, the sad reality is that a lot of the world still doesn’t get it, and this is why the community needs allies and as much queer positivity as it can get. The more people who can normalize queerness the less ostracized the community will become, the less discrimination they’ll receive and the kinder the world will become. So how exactly should we go about spreading queer positivity and becoming great allies? There is no formula and no perfect ally, there’s no perfect anything for that fact.  But there a few things you can do to help protect and normalize queer lives. 

Let queer experiences be told. Queer people’s voices are usually undermined, overly sexualized and often not even heard. If ever you come across a post or story shared by a queer individual, there is no harm in reposting or resharing and getting these people’s stories out there. Most importantly listen without trying to be the hero of the story. It’s no secret queer people face a lot more adversity and hate than their straight and cis counterparts which is why allies should be doing their part in reporting any kind of discrimination they see or know of. 

Being a good ally means uplifting the community and acknowledging the struggles they face not just slapping rainbow branding onto everything. Queer folk deserve to exist in a safe space while feeling included in society. Amplifying queer life experiences are one of the only jobs an ally really has and is what everyone in support of the community should be doing. So be that someone who will stand up and say no to the mistreatment of queer individuals because at the end of it all every human being deserves a chance to be accepted loved and heard in society