2016 Ski Accident: Actress Has Been Sued

According to recent news, the 2016 ski accident Gwyneth Paltrow was part of is going to court on March 21, 2023. As Newsweek mentions, the case was filed in 2019 when the actress was accused of hitting Terry Sanderson while skiing and leaving the place after the accident.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Back in 2019, Sanderson declared he had been left with significant injuries after the 2016 accident. According to his statements, he had “permanent traumatic brain injury, 4 broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life,” as Fox News notes in this article. As for the actress, the man accused her of a “hit-and-run” accident. “Paltrow got up, turned and skied away, leaving Sanderson stunned, lying in the snow, seriously injured,” was written in the 2019 declaration.

The same sources mention that Paltrow, 50, has denied the allegations and declared the person who had caused the accident was in fact Terry Sanderson. Initially, the actress had a $3.1 million lawsuit against her. The amount has been reduced over time to $300,000.

Terry Sanderson

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Fox News also mentioned that Paltrow’s response was a countersuit for only $1. The same article cites the statements of “attorney Tyler Brown of the firm Nuttall, Brown and Coutts” on the accident. “The person who’s asserting this claim is going to have their work cut out for them, because… they have to establish and convince a jury that she really was acting unreasonably,” Brown said. “And that’s going to be really hard to do if it’s unclear about what even happened.” he continued.

Gwyneth Paltrow Net Worth

According to this article, the actress has a net worth of $200 million. Paltrow has built her fortune by being an actress, singer and businesswoman.

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