Tarantino stays true to his ten-film cut-off confirming his retirement in an interview with Bill Maher on June 25th. 

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It can be difficult to understand the inner works of an artist’s mind but this artist has his made up. Quentin Tarantino has announced he will be retiring after his tenth film. But why would a filmmaker who is young and in their prime retire? When asked by Bill Maher he said, “That’s why I want to quit. Because I know film historians from here on end, directors do not get better.”

Tarantino is a special and rare kind of filmmaker. He respects the art of filmmaking more than he cares about any monetary gain. For him, it’s about leaving behind films that will enrich and inspire future generations as the films of the past did for him. Most filmmakers aim for one classic but, Tarantino’s passion for the art of filmmaking and respect for the films of the past enabled him to create a roster of timeless pieces. 

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Tarantino has talked about only making ten films for a few years now. Back in 2015 on Jimmy Kimmel Tarantino said, I think a lot of directors they talk about, oh I want to do this thing and that thing and this thing and that thing but, I have time to do this and time to do that. And I actually think they have far less time than they think they do and if so, I’m not gonna think that I have four movies or six movies that I will eventually get around to doing them all. If I only think that I only have two movies well that keeps it at the tip of the spear, if you know what I mean. That means that those ones better be good and I better mean everything about them and I actually like that kind of focus.” In short, for Tarantino, it’s all about quality over quantity. 

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So what do we know about the highly anticipated tenth film? Well, we know it’s not a remake of his 1992 feature film debut. Bill asked the question many fans have debated, whether or not a remake of the classic is a possibility, seeing as though he has grown immensely as a filmmaker since the film’s inception. But Tarantino said, “I won’t do it, internet! But, I have considered it.”