Rachel Leviss‘ reaction to criticism over the interview with Bethenny Frankel.

During a three-part interview with Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Leviss opened up about the ill-fated affair with Sandoval.

Leviss’ comments about how she never would have had an affair with Sandoval if his relationship would’ve lasted.

Now, those comments resulted in a lot of criticism from listeners, who in turn shared their own thoughts.

The host of ‘The Bravo Tea with Jared B podcast’ wasted no time in questioning Leviss’ comments.

“If you wanted to be with Tom Sandoval so [badly], you should have let him know that this tryst, the situation that was going between you and him, goes no further until you know officially that they have broken up.”


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Of course, Leviss responded positively and admitted he might be right.

“💯 you’re not wrong! I should have had more self-respect than that and should have respected the relationship that Ariana had with Tom No excuses.”

“However, looking back, I see I had low self-worth and Tom kept telling me he was actively breaking up with her ‘amicably’ for her ‘mental health,’ which I can now see was magical thinking.”

And Leviss added, “He had a million and one reasons why they hadn’t broken up yet and it was easier to stay in that fantasy then to face the fact that the social anxiety and isolation was not worth it. So yes, absolutely you’re 100% right. It was MY responsibility to remove myself from that situation… now I know better ♥️”

While Leviss made an effort to explain herself and accept responsibility, Ariana Madix took offense to the interview as a whole.

Ariana Madix responds to the Bethenny Frankel interview.

Specifically, Madix believed that the interview never should have happened, and that Frankel should have done more research.

While talking with Entertainment Tonight, Madix said that Frankel “should’ve known better” than to do the interview.

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