Bethenny Frankel sat down with Raquel Leviss to discuss “Scandoval.” HOLR breaks it down. 

In a shocking new interview, Frankel and Leviss had a one-on-one conversation following the “Scandoval” affair Leviss and Sandoval were involved in, which came to light this year.

Raquel Leviss Interview

According to a TikTok video posted by user @bethennyfrankel, the duo sat down in a new interview to discuss the drama Leviss has been involved in recently. This is supposedly Leviss’ first time speaking out since completing her mental health treatment, as noted here. From the affair with Tom Sandoval to the explosive Vanderpump Rules reunion special, Leviss is allegedly sharing all.


A woman’s voice is very powerful. Now Rachel is using hers to tell her own story…for the first time… Part one now available on Just B wherever you listen to podcasts. 🎙️ @iHeartRadio #iheartradio #realityreckoning #rachelleviss

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Bethenny Frankel Podcast

In one of the interview clips, Leviss can be heard discussing the night when Ariana Madix found out about her affair with Sandoval- Madix’s then-boyfriend.


Rachel talks about the FaceTime video that led to Ariana discovering the affair. #bravotv #bravo #vanderpumprules #pumprules

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In the above clip, Leviss touches on the infamous video of herself masturbating on Facetime with Sandoval, which he screen-recorded and Madix subsequently found.

Leviss details what went down in which she was being “adventurous” and looking at the “adult section of the TV” the night before their big press day and “Live with Andy Cohen” segment. Allegedly, Leviss and Sandoval Facetimed “a lot” and this time was more intimate. She expected to have privacy during that moment but Sandoval supposedly screen-recorded their conversation and Madix subsequently found it on his phone following the event.  Madix then sent Leviss two screen-recorded videos and a text saying that Leviss was “dead” to her when she found out about their affair. That’s how Leviss found out she was screen-recorded without her consent.

She also alleges Tom lied about the timeline of their affair to avoid “hurting” Madix more. Leviss stated that this alleged relationship went on for several months. Once Madix found out about the timeline she “flipped” out.

Apparently, a lot of people have seen this intimate video featuring Leviss even though she claims to have filed a cease and desist letter. Leviss claims that some of Madix’s friends have described the video in great detail online in which she doesn’t know who else Madix may have allegedly sent it to.

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