The ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Trailer Is Here!

Amazon has released the first official trailer for the upcoming adaptation of ‘Red White & Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston

'Red White & Royal Blue' book cover. Each word is in it's corresponding color and they're written on a pink background with cartoons of the two main characters below.

Credit: Macmillan Publishers

Red, White And Royal Blue

Get excited romance lovers, because we just got the official trailer for ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’! ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston has been one of the most popular romance books on the market since its initial publication in May 2019. So when it was announced that the book would be adapted to film fans were excited and nervous.

So far, all we’ve had to go on is our imagination with the cast, behind the scenes pictures and stills, but Amazon Prime Video has now released the official trailer for the film. Not teaser trailer, official trailer! Take a look below:

This is an enemies-to-lovers storyline between the son of the President of the United States and the Prince of England. This first trailer has turned some skeptics and critics around. @KCNwokoye on Youtube said: “Finally a well done romcom. It’s engaging, well written and not a cliché.” @MSQueen-forever added: “Ok, I’ll admit. I was pretty skeptical about the adaptation when it first came out but… This actually looks pretty good, I look forward to it.”

Something everyone seems excited about is Uma Thurman playing the United States President. Check out this tweet from the trending page:


‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ hits Amazon Prime Video on August 11th at no extra cost. Will you be watching?

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