A post in a sub-Reddit thread has resurfaced from 3 years ago becoming a now-hot topic. The thread is about a picture of an attic with a house. We now have the answers for why the house in the attic still exists at all.

The house in the attic

Upon being asked about the story behind the house in the attic, the original Reddit user said that “it was a store, the owners lived upstairs. When they turned it into a church, they sealed the second floor and just built around it.”

Despite the rational explanation, other Redditors still find the whole situation funny and joke about it. A user quipped that “by unsealing it [the church] you have probably released an unspeakable evil upon the world.”

Another user suggests how the now empty house up the attic could have been used, asking “why not have the priest live up there? Why would they close off perfectly good living space?”

Still another user was understandably not at all comprehending the whole blueprint of the building and demanded further details, stating “I’m confused about why it looks the exterior of a house though? Usually “living above the shop” just means an apartment on the upper level of a townhouse-style building, not a little, wood frame home with siding above the store. Was the insulated area previously a little lawn on the roof?”

Is the attic haunted?

Before the original Reddit user came forward with the story above, many Redditors assumed the worst.

One user speculated that the attic was actually a murder room and another user jokingly said “that, or trafficking holding place, kidnapping victims, disabled family members hidden from view…there’s a lot of messed up things in this world.”

Many other Redditors have shared similarly imagined scenarios, proving that tales of horrific nature are universally appealing and fascinating enough to make people invent creative stories around bizarre occurrences like this.

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