It goes without saying that One Piece 1083 was an exciting chapter that was just published. One Piece chapter 1083 did a great job of setting up the events at the Reverie, even though they weren’t the finest the fans have seen in recent weeks. Now it’s time for chapter 1084 to carry those events forward.

Fans have high expectations for the Revolutionary Army, the Admirals, and everyone else involved in the events of the Reverie, and it’s up to Oda to live up to them. It’ll be interesting to see how One Piece chapter 1084 turns out because Oda frequently exceeds all of the fans’ expectations.

What To Expect From The Chapter

Clearly, the encounter between Cobra and the Five Elders will rank among One Piece 1084’s most significant moments. Fans witnessed Cobra getting ready to see the Five Elders towards the close of the last chapter. Cobra is a very significant monarch in One Piece and stands out from the rest, it must be kept in mind. Cobra is one of the Nefertari Family’s members, making him a progenitor of the 20 Kings.

The Nefertari Family did not, however, reside in Mariejois like the other Kings. Instead, they resided in Alabasta and descended to the surface a very long time ago. The Five Elders and probably all the other World Nobles view them as traitors as a result. In addition, Cobra keeps a Poneglyph in the Alabasta region that reveals Pluton’s whereabouts.

The Gorosei most certainly are aware of this as well. They had more than enough justification to try to assassinate him, and that’s exactly what they did. However, whether there will be more to it or not remains to be seen, and One Piece chapter 1084 will probably provide the fans with an answer to that question. These reasons appear to be sufficient for any World Government officials to assassinate Cobra.

Image Credit: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media

More importantly, it will be fascinating to discover how Sabo is ultimately implicated in the killing of the beloved queen in the One Piece universe.

Readers already witnessed Sabo attempting to save Bartholomew Kuma in the previous chapter. He was observed close to Saint Charloss and his son, who were working together to try to enslave Shirahoshi. In order to accomplish his goal of freeing Kuma, Sabo has left the Revolutionary Army Commanders to carry out their duties while he frees a person close to him.

Sabo might be able to release Bartholomew Kuma from the Celestial Dragons’ control in One Piece 1084. The Five Elders and King Cobra may end up meeting in the same room as Sabo at that point. If the assassination has already been carried out at this point, the World Government would have the ideal circumstance to implicate Sabo.

Release Date

One Piece 1084 will be released on May 21, 2023. Fans can read the chapter on the Shonen Jump or Manga Plus apps, as usual.

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