An honest review of Act + Acre products for scalp health. 

Let’s face it, the hair product market can be overwhelming. But after years of digging, I’ve finally found a product line that truly works in Act + Acre.

A pioneer in the hair wellness space, the ingredients in Act + Acre products are all-natural, clean, chemical-free, and packaged sustainably. Founder and celebrity hair stylist Helen Reavey started the company in 2019 after realizing most products on the market were not only made using harsh chemicals, but the temperatures they were produced at ultimately reduced the efficiency of the natural ingredients. Thus, Act + Acre was born using a patented Cold Processed technique that uses 90% less energy while maintaining the integrity of the ingredients. The product line focuses on scalp health, taking a long-term approach to nourishing, balancing, and stimulating for thicker, healthier, and happier hair. 

I’ve always had fine hair but was fortunate to have a lot of it. However, after getting COVID in 2021, I began experiencing significant hair shedding and with it, a bit of dandruff. After months of researching, visits to a dermatologist, and very few answers I began feeling defeated. On top of that, I was now being bombarded with ads for “hair growth” brands, that upon further research, used harsh chemicals and didn’t have the best reviews. It wasn’t until I came across Act + Acre that I finally felt a sense of hope. The company’s transparency and commitment to accompanying me on my hair wellness journey had me sold. 

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using:

Act + Acre Stem Cell Cerum

Credit: Act + Acre Instagram

Stem Cell Serum (every evening)

Act + Acre’s apple Stem Cell Serum is suitable for all hair types and works to promote and extend the hairs anagen (growth) phase, resulting in less hair shedding, while soothing and hydrating the scalp.

Act + Acre Hair Cleanse and Conditioner

Credit: Act + Acre Instagram

Hair Cleanse & Moisture Balancing Conditioner (every other day)

Suitable for any hair type, Act + Acre’s shampoo works to remove residue and balance the scalp’s moisture barrier, while plant oils in the conditioner provide instant hydration. 

Act + Acre Scalp Detox

Credit: Act + Acre Instagram

Scalp Detox (once a week) 

Act + Acre’s award-winning product and #1 best seller is perfect for normal-dry scalps. The scalp detox is a once-a-week oil + massage treatment, which is made from moringa oil, baobab oil, basil leaf, and amaranth oil and is designed to remove product residue, stimulate the hair follicles, and provide the essential nutrients for a healthy scalp. 

Some of my favourite benefits after only a few weeks of using Act + Acre:

Less Hair Shedding + Fuller Hair 

The combination of the Scalp Detox and Stem Cell Serum has allowed my scalp to begin healing. By removing all the sweat and product build-up and stimulating my hair follicles daily as I take a minute or two to massage the product in, I have noticed a significant decrease in hair shedding when I shower and brush my hair. As a result, my hair feels fuller and is finally getting its life back!

Less Dandruff 

Although I hadn’t been dealing with severe dandruff, as someone who had never suffered from this issue at all, it left me feeling self-conscious and frustrated. After a couple of weeks of consistent use, the Hair Cleanse, Stem Cell Serum, and Scalp Detox have worked together to hydrate my scalp, balance its natural moisture barrier, and provide essential nutrients. As a result, I have barely noticed any flakes over the last week.

Hair Growth 

It’s definitely too early on in my journey with Act + Acre to comment on any significant hair growth, though I have noticed a few baby hairs in recent days. Whether these particular hairs are a result of Act + Acre or not, I’m confident that through continuing my scalp health journey and the fullness I’ve experienced from the reduction in hair shedding, I’m well on my way to seeing considerable hair growth. 

This Act + Acre review was not paid for by Act + Acre. 

Published on HOLR Magazine.