It is every aspiring artist’s dream to ultimately see themselves right at the top, rubbing shoulders with eminent ones & thriving in their respective careers.

However, attaining this glorious status can be quite toilsome; it requires resilience, a distinct talent & a firm character. During recent years, we got introduced to & witnessed various individuals who possess these virtues, breaking into the Entertainment industry. Their music is gradually gaining traction & they are deservedly eating the fruits of their labour. It is without a shadow of a doubt that they will continue to thrive this year. 


Born & bred in South Africa, this sublime 22-year-old rose to fame after releasing a 7 track debut EP titled “Elements”. What is striking about said the project is the fact that she independently created it while she was still a student. Last year saw the songstress skyrocketing music charts & subsequently making a global move for her career. Earning herself a coveted recording deal with Columbia Records, which is home to well-renowned artists like Beyoncé & Adele. The content of Elaine’s music revolves around the dynamics of romantic relationships; she utilizes soothing sounds & impassioned lyrics to drive her point home. With such big achievements at such an early stage of her career, it comes as no surprise that she has recently been nominated for her first BET Award for Best International Act.

Anson Seabra

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” – this seems to be the principle that this USA-based singer adopted when producing his project “Songs I wrote in my bedroom”, which was literally recorded in his room during the lockdown. He accumulated most of his following through the major social media platform “Tik Tok” by posting short videos of his singing. He did not allow the pandemic to deter him from doing what he does best, instead, he capitalized on the isolation to write songs. “Trying my best” & “That’s Us” are the most streamed songs on his recent album, boasting a staggering 60 Million & 56 Million plays on Spotify, respectively. In March, he concurrently made his first Billboard radio Chart appearance, had his song playing on Grey’s Anatomy’s episode & earned a number 1 spot on Billboards Top TV songs charts thereafter.

Arlo Parks 

When you hear the word “Poet”, you instantly think of someone with expressive & sensational story-telling capabilities; this presumption rings true for the motley 20-year-old because she is a poet before she is a singer.  Popularly known for uploading her demos on BBC’s introducing site, Arlo started this year with a bang & finally released her much anticipated debut album, which centres on mental health, self-discovery & various societal issues. As new as it is, the project is leading this year’s AIM Awards nominations. Just last year, she got a nod from Michelle Obama when she shared her playlist across her social media platforms.


Hip-hop is more than just music, it’s a culture. Like the powerful artist that he is, Morray combined singing & rapping and brought it within this Genre’s orbit. His rich lyrical content is infused with relatable stories that are accompanied by melodic sounds & gritty vocals.  He had been attempting to establish himself as a musician for quite some time & was at the brink of giving up just before he got discovered & remarkably broke out into the “game” with a single called “Quicksand” which garnered over 10 million views on YouTube within a space of 3 months; its music video was released 7 months ago & is currently sitting on a whopping 80 million views. In April, he dropped his debut album called “Street Sermons” and already ranks 323rd in the world, according to Spotify. This North Carolina’s newest phenom is proof that there certainly is light at the end of the tunnel & is certainly here to stay.

These stories & artists are all inspirational in their own right & definitely one for the books. Stream them Today & check out what other hot music you can listen to on one of HOLR’s article