On the majestic snowy setting of the Italian mountains, Miu Miu presents this season’s winter adventure. Although we can’t watch the fashion shows as we normally do this year… Miu Miu still presented a real-life experience watching the models strut their winter gear in the actual cold weather. Maybe we have been stuck inside for too long, but just watching the models outside in nature together interacting with each other gave me a sense of adventure. It was like watching an old taste of a past life that wasn’t spent behind a screen on zoom.

The models were seen wearing crochet, wool, and knit overlays. The main styles included ocher-coloured coats, flowy dresses, cashmere pullovers, scarves (that also doubled at times as face covering). The overall tone and vibe of the collection were ski chalet chic with attitude. There were fun pieces like teddy-bear faux furs, pastel knits, and fabulous crystal-embellished coats for something a little extra.

The show closes with everyone together looking in the eyes of the fire. The last look of staring into the fire symbolized rebirth. It is the start of a new season and a new beginning. It is the closure of the disaster that was 2020 and hope for the future. The adventurous setting, rebellious attitude,  feminine and chic clothes, school girl innocence- Miu Miu embodies the everyday mischievous woman.