Stand out from the crowd.

Giambattista Valli is taking Paris Fashion Week to new heights with their latest show and collection. The brand opted for an unconventional runway that allowed the collection and its details to truly shine. With a roster of models strutting about against an all-white background, the latest FW 21/22 collection stands out amidst a crowd. 

As described in the digital runway, the pieces from the latest Giambattista Valli collection are undoubtedly breathtaking. The Valli women of the show embody a delicate balance between Italian and French cultures- as the designer takes his Parisian silhouette on a journey to his hometown of Rome- where the pieces are both progressive and eclectic. 

Classic silhouettes in chic, neutral colourways are complemented by bold eye looks (inspired by frescoed ceilings and flower petals), instantly drawing the viewers’ gaze in. The brand does a stunning job of incorporating florals, lace and statement sleeves into their designs, with refreshing pops of colour tastefully adding a bit of contrast into the mix- with rich colours such as a bold red or soft peach scattered throughout the collection. One of our favourites looks involves an electric red jumpsuit that – to us- steals the show.

Giambattista Valli is able to capture the essence of femininity through exquisite fabrics and structure. Tailored dresses and matching blazers channel the modern working woman while soft, flowy dresses and tweed sets add a sense of flair to the runway. The brand is also able to incorporate dainty accessories in a fresh way- pearls are reimagined as statement hair bands and chunky heels give the looks vintage, retro vibe.  

This is a tale of two cities and a beautiful collection for the ages.