Stolen Garment is a high-fashion brand by rising star designer Jungwoo Park, and this season the brand released its 21FW collection, <Lost in Translation>. The exciting new collection by Stolen Garment marks another victory in Park’s promising trajectory to becoming a household name in men’s fashion.

Filled with muted tones and hints of neon and saturated tints, the <Lost in Translation> collection demonstrates Stolen Garment’s idiosyncratic take on avant-garde fashion. It was a trip to a used bookstore in Seoul, Korea, where Park was so taken by the books’ emotionally intense titles within the store, the designer chose to reinterpret the wardrobes shown within these books for Stolen Garment’s FW21 collection. <Lost in Translation> represents the bewitching flower of the seed planted by Park’s imagination and ability to reinvent the future of men’s fashion. Throughout the collection, hats and headpiece accessories make a recurring appearance, from what appears to resemble a revived take on the exhausted fedora and beret. Developing a refreshingly new take on menswear has always seemed to be a difficult challenge for fashion houses; however, Stolen Garment has proven to be a newcomer with a solution to one of the most persistent challenges faced by designers. 

The origin story of Stolen Garment is an exciting tale that began when Park showcased his graduation collection at the Martin-in-the-Fields show alongside fellow Central Saint Martin graduates. It was at this showcase where a trespasser stole a garment from Park’s collection within a few hours after the show. The stolen garment sparked a movement on social media that triggered a mass search movement throughout London, looking for the garment. Despite witnesses seeing the garment worn by a homeless person and London police efforts, the garment was never returned to Park. The incident led Park to conceptualize the compelling name Stolen Garment to commemorate the movement fueled by the fashion community’s unity. It is clear Stolen Garment with Jungwoo Park at the helm has a promising future, as it is well on its way to becoming an international success, and we can’t wait to see where the brand decides to go next.