Jonathan Simkhai’s attention to detail is never overlooked, and always impeccable. Simkhai loves to play with lines and shapes in his collections, always allowing for the clothes to outline the body. 

In this new F21 collection Simkhai showcases his attention to detail through the detail of each piece, from lace and fringe to seams and jewelry, each piece tells the story, a story where the clothes highlight the person that is wearing them. From ornate woven knitwear to sheer long dresses, each piece is delicate enough to accentuate who is wearing it. 

Each piece is an idea on its own, something completely different than the next. Simkhai’s inspiration for this collection came from a Keith Haring painting titled “Into 84”, this image of a person from behind shows them as if they are dancing. Each part of their body exposed in a different position, showing movement and vulnerability. 

You can connect the idea that Simkhai had from viewing Haring’s pieces to the clothes he created from this connection. From the lace and intricate work on the trench coat to the cutouts that emphasize different parts of the model’s body, in the blouses and dresses. 

Simkhais 21 collection is the first of his to introduce a variety of fabrics. Pairing knits with vegan leather, or even wool with silk, each piece is combined in a different way to create a different look and feel of each piece. With the colour pallet being predominantly beige tones, with hints of black and red, these cool comfortable looks also create confidence. 

Jonathan’s inspiration to showcase the body is pulled together with his choice of materials, styles and colours to create pieces like no other, this collection brings comfort with elegance, and connects fashion and designer in every way.