Canadian legend Ryan Gosling was revealed to be cast in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film adaption of the iconic Barbie. Barbie has been in the works and it is already known that Margot Robbie is attached to the film as the lead Barbie. 

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So far, the plot of the film has yet to be announced, but the film has been in production since 2018/2019 and has Robbie’s production company LuckyChap attached. Right now, Mattel and Warner Bros. are on board with the film as well.

The iconic Barbie has been adapted into films and television series before but all as the animated figurine she is, Ken Barbie’s known boyfriend has had a role in Toy Story as well.

The news of Ryan Gosling being cast comes at the perfect time, as it was set for production on Barbie to start in early 2022. For many, Ryan Gosling may just be the perfect Ken, especially because Ryan is known to be one of the few triple threats in Hollywood.


As the film has no known plot yet, Goslings acting abilities and skills could mean that the film could have some singing, dancing or musical pairings attached. As Margot Robbie is known to do many things, we haven’t quite seen her sing or dance much yet, but this could be the film where those skills come out to play.

The film is going to be an interesting one as Barbie is one of the world’s most famous characters, and yet, has never had a real-life or live-action film made of her. With Margot as Barbie and Ryan as Ken, we can already imagine the world that is going to be created.

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