What is Ryan Gosling’s Impact on SNL?

Ryan Gosling recent appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) marked his third time hosting the show. Throughout the evening, Gosling struggled to maintain his composure during several sketches, delighting the audience with his infectious laughter. As mentioned by TMZ, one notable moment was during a “Close Encounters” skit with Kate McKinnon, where Gosling couldn’t contain his laughter as McKinnon humorously portrayed aliens observing his character’s privates during an alleged abduction.

Who Joined Ryan Gosling on SNL’s Latest Episode?

Another amusing skit featured Gosling playing a hesitant groom alongside comedian Chloe Fineman, who played his fiancée having second thoughts about marriage. According to PEOPLE, the comedic chemistry between Gosling and the cast caused laughter to ensue, showcasing his ability to bring humor to the screen.


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In a “Beavis and Butt-Head” spoof with Heidi Gardner, Gosling’s portrayal of Beavis, alongside Mikey Day as Butt-Head, proved too much for Gardner, a seasoned comedian, as she cracked up during the sketch.

Additionally, Gosling and Fineman recreated a scene from “Erin Brockovich,” where they struggled to stay in character, with Gosling even having to reattach his half-fallen-off mustache mid-sketch.

During his musical monologue, Gosling sang a Ken-focused rendition of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” incorporating humor and musical talent into his performance. The monologue also featured cameos from Emily Blunt and University of Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark, adding to the entertainment value of the episode.

Gosling’s appearance on SNL showcased his comedic timing, ability to break character for comedic effect, and willingness to engage in humorous sketches, making it an entertaining and memorable episode for viewers.

Ryan Gosling’s recurring appearances have solidified his presence and comedic contributions to the show, making him a beloved guest among the SNL audience.

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