These are the must-have products you’ve seen all over social media!

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve definitely seen these must-have beauty products taking over the web! This is a round-up of the latest and greatest in beauty from makeup, to skincare, to hair care to where to house it all, that has been taking Instagram and TikTok by storm. Keep reading to find out why you need these products in your life ASAP!

Emboss Beauty

This is the MUA-founded lashes brand taking over TikTok! Founder Julia Vuong had the vision to break barriers and bring industry innovation to the beauty world with her successful lash line. As an MUA who worked with top brands and celebs, Julia realized that she needed to create the perfect lashes that looked amazing, stayed all day, and were reasonably priced. She noticed inconsistencies among brands in terms of style and comfort and quality and price, so she took matters into her own hands and developed a line of superior lashes that not only balanced style, comfort, quality, and affordability, but that people loved using! These are a must-try for any lash-lover out there.

Unbound from Conair

I know you’ve seen this super cute and incredibly portable hair styler all over TikTok because the overall concept is so innovative! This Unbound Petite Cordless 3/4” Ceramic Multi Styler allows you to curl or straighten anytime, anywhere because it has up to 20 minutes of cord-free run time! It’s super easy to charge via USB and features ceramic-coated plates plus a barrel for high shine & sleek results. You can tote it anywhere because of its compact and lightweight design- just pop it into your purse for easy, on-the-go styling!

Ivy Chase

Ivy Chase is definitely a product you’ve seen all over Instagram recently! This is a brand that was initially founded by Heidi Chiovitti in 2019 due to a lack of high-quality, affordable and customizable products available in the Canadian marketplace. In its inaugural year, Ivy Chase focused on customizable beaded bracelets and, in 2020, Heidi met with manufacturers to develop products that people could personalize with patches. Now, in addition to bracelets, customers can personalize backpacks, makeup bags, hats, and more! With just a few clicks, you can take a simple item and give it some personality by adding fun, unique, and brightly coloured patches, which is why we’ve been seeing these super fun products all over the ‘gram as of lately!

The Skinny Confidential

The Hot Mess Ice Roller is all over Instagram! This fun bright pink face roller uses the power of cold therapy to contour, tighten and de-puff the skin. This is a preventative skin tool that helps with lymphatic drainage, boosts circulation, and helps to shrink the size of pores- it can also work to reduce redness and puffiness! This is a must-have you need to add to your beauty routine because the hype surrounding this product is totally worth it!

Published by HOLR Magazine.