Sarah Jessica Parker wants her daughters to ‘have a ‘healthier relationship’ with food.

Since having her daughters Tabitha and Marion, 14, with with husband Matthew Broderick, Parker, made it her mission to ensure her twins have a good relationship with food. She did this by creating a non-restrictive diet in their household which was something she did not have growing up.

Sarah Jessica Parker Daughters

“I have girls. I didn’t want them to have a relationship with food that was antagonistic or they felt like this was their enemy and that they were going to have to sort of like stake out a position with food,” she claimed during an episode of Ruthie’s Table 4 podcast.

The Sex and The City actress shared that she has numerous sweets options in her house.  “And I think as a result, you kind of have a healthier relationship. My daughters will have the figures they have and hopefully, they’ll be healthy and they’re athletes and they enjoy food,” she said.

Parker and Broderick, 62, split up the cooking duties at home. “On Sunday, Matthew cooks. We both cook every single day, every single day. We probably eat dinner as a family every night,” she said.

And Just Like That Cast

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