And Just Like That Carrie has a new man in her life… And it is not the one we all would have guessed! HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival wrapped up its 10-episode run and in true Sex and the City fashion, there was a twist and many surprises.

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Throughout the whole season, we see Widow Bradshaw navigating life without her love and doing her best to cope with profound grief. Carrie discusses glimmers of hope throughout the season, and she does experience some slivers of hope, but nothing compares to the glimmer she experiences in this final episode. Not that Carrie will not continue to carry grief and heartbreak with her, but that she can now see something on the other side of all that sadness. There is a light in the form of her insanely gorgeous podcast producer, Franklyn. Franklyn who has been sitting behind the glass wall all-season observing Carrie comes in and sweeps Carrie off her feet in a steamy elevator kiss.

With the one-year anniversary of Big’s passing, we see Carrie begin to move on from the passing of her beloved husband. After meeting for lunch with Big’s brother Richard, Carrie realizes that it is time to do something with Big’s remains. After experiencing malfunctions with her reading light that has Carrie convinced that Big is trying to speak to her from the afterlife, Carrie concludes that Big would want to be spread in the Seine River.

Carrie takes the big step of flying to Paris to spread her beloved husbands’ ashes off the bridge that the pair reunited on in the Sex and the City finale. In true Carrie fashion, she does this looking flawless in a giant orange gown, gorgeous gloves and an Eiffel Tower purse that holds the remains of Mr. Big. This trip to Paris if a chapter closing, Carrie survived the first year of life without her love.

Spreading Big’s ashes was not the only big moment from Carrie’s Paris trip. Samantha was absent from the show except for a few text exchanges here and there with Carrie but we see Carrie text, Samantha, to meet for a drink and Samantha agrees to it. What could this mean? Could Samantha be in the next season if it gets renewed for another?

And Just Like That… This season finale has left us all needing more answers!

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