A minus point for girls in the hot summer is body scent. This helps girls become less confident when wearing summer outfits. So how can you keep your body scent long-lasting throughout the day? Then the article below is for you.

For women and the things that everyone sees, such as the way they dress and the hairstyle, there is one remarkable thing that also contributes to creating their style is the body scent. Body scent is essential because it helps us become confident and comfortable communicating with people without worrying about the other person having a negative view of our appearance when we first meet. Not only that, but the unique scent also helps the opponent to have a deep impression of you. In particular, our body easily sweats in this weather, and the body odor is highly unpleasant. Therefore, keeping the body fragrance is extremely necessary. This article will suggest women essential tips to keep body fragrance fresh in hot summer.1. Use perfume and body mist

Perfume is always an inseparable object for women in the field of beauty care. However, women need to choose the most suitable perfume scent because there are many types and scents. One suggestion is that you choose light and cool perfume scents ideal for summer days and avoid choosing too heavy scents because these types are often very picky to use. An excellent tip is to keep the perfume scent longer, apply a little coconut oil or vaseline cream on the body, and spray the perfume.The body mist is also a trendy deodorant spray with women. Body mist usually has a much milder scent than perfume. Not only that, the body mist can keep the fragrance for up to 8 hours. Therefore, this is a handy item in the pocket of women this summer.

2. Use underarm deodorant roll 

Underarm deodorant is a must-have item for women this summer. As can be seen, most of the body odors from women are mainly derived from the sweat of the armpit area. And the scents from this area are often solid and cause discomfort to my body. Therefore, buy yourself a bottle of underarm deodorant right away. This product has a very mild and pleasant scent. Not only that, but the price is also very affordable, from only $10 you have a helpful deodorant product for you already. 3. Use scented sachets in the closet

Many people like to spray a little perfume on clothes hanging in the closet, not knowing that this can affect the clothes badly over time. A much safer way is to hang a few scented sachets with your favorite scent in your closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. A small perfume bag can make your whole wardrobe keep the smell for a long time. 4. Choose comfortable clothes

Clothing is also a cause of your unpleasant scent. Choose breathable, sweat-wicking clothing materials such as cotton, elastic, and silk to allow your body to move freely without worrying about odors. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as this makes the body very easy to smell. Not to be forgotten is to let the clothes dry entirely, avoiding the moisture that makes the body smell bad.