Always looking at the shelves in LCBO and thinking all these coolers are full of sweeteners and sugars? If you like the vodka and the fruity flavours but hate how sweet they are then SoCial Lite is the beverage for you. 

SoCial Lite

This Canada day is the perfect day to start off fresh with healthier alcoholic drinks. Created by friends in a kitchen in Whitby, Ontario, Dan, Kevin and Neetu just wanted to be able to drink a little without all added sugars in their drinks, so they did some mixology magic and created SoCial Vodka Lite

SoCial now has many options from classic vodka sodas to the new lemonades to something a little stronger with their bold drinks. The classics come in a variety of 8 flavours, field strawberry, blood orange, lime ginger, pineapple/mango, peach, triple berry, grapefruit pomelo, and a first and only apple orchard, the only apple flavoured vodka soda in Ontario. Each of these comes in a skinny 355ml can containing 4% alcohol and of course 0 sugars- now that sounds refreshing!

For some lucky Canadians, you might be able to find their new and improved vodka sodas, Lemonade Vodka sodas. These new beverages are in smaller cans of 355ml and 5% alcohol, only available in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are flavours like pink, blackberry and mango lemonade. But for those lucky Ontarians- just as the provinces are about to open, you can find a tall can of 437ml of mango lemonade exclusively in Ontario. 

SoCial Lite

The best part is once you’re hooked you always want more, and SoCial delivers. Their Bold vodka soda is very different from any other soda they have made. This 355ml can is exclusive to AB, BC, and ON, and only comes in orange flavour. The difference you ask? This little bold type can have 6% alcohol which means move flavour, as they have also added a splash of juice, to give you the full aromatic experience of those strong orange notes. 

The best part of SoCial Lite is the variety they provide. With healthier options like their lite vodkas, you can add a little bit of that extra sugar by mixing drinks and other cocktails, just like the ones they’ve created on their website. SoCial Lite has created drinks that still have healthy alternatives in mind. Love a good mule, take a classic lime and ginger soda and make a mule. Thinking of a good daiquiri on a weekend, why not use field strawberry for your favourite strawberry daiquiri. 

With all these options, and from a Canadian-based brand, how could you not want to grab a variety pack at your local liquor store? This Canada day long (weekday) grab some SoCial Lite and always drink responsibly!