When COVID-19 put a damper on the sporting season, a major part of our culture was put on ice. There was an immediate and significant hole in our lifestyles, hobbies, and past times. 

Photo By: Christina Schmidt

Not only would physical distancing not allow attending games, but the games were also cancelled altogether. 

Major league sports are the soundtrack to our lives. We are used to it being a constant buzz, part of our zeitgeist and preverbal water cooler talk. There is always a game on somewhere, you can have a beer with a friend, a friendly (or serious) wager, and jump on and off playoff bandwagons. We quickly learned just how large a role major league sports played in our culture.  

When it was announced sports were coming back, Toronto got a glamorous new addition to the spectator scene – The Toronto Sport Club. The only private member sports viewing club in the city. One thing Toronto does well is nightlife and sporting events. We do luxury entertainment really well. Just take for example Scotia Bank Arena, home to the Leafs and NBA champions the Toronto Raptors. It is there you can experience platinum level dining, numerous bars, or take in a game at Drake’s boudoir inspired lounge cum nightclub. There’s a certain level of style and service we are used to. 

Photo By: Christina Schmidt

Now the social scene has welcomed this premier venue, a 32000 square foot private members club to watch the magic of sports. The grand space provides guests with the energy of a live sporting event and includes the premium hospitality and luxuries found in an arena or stadium box. Located on the historic exhibition grounds in the Toronto core, this iconic venue was established in 1907 and has been outfitted with televisions, LED walls, and projectors for your viewing pleasure.  

The world-class dining menu is comprised of snacks like cauliflower popcorn and beef sliders. Appetizers like golden calamari are on offer with an authentic taco selection by Executive Chef Robert Rainford, host of Licensed to Grill. The Toronto Sport Club has taken personalized service to the next level, taking feedback and turning it into magic. They are constantly evolving the menu, even turning a member suggestion into a new menu item. 

A number of membership options are available starting from $1,500. The membership program includes lounge and barstool seating, reservations for up to six guests, access on Saturday nights, and concierge service. Creating an ideal environment for corporate entertainment, for both clients and friends. 

Photo By: Christina Schmidt

The show must go on as they say, and this elite experience is the perfect place to watch the major league playoff runs. Toronto Sport Club has taken our new normal and created a setting with premium hospitality, delicious dining and world-class viewing to once again participate in sports and feel close to the action. 

For game day schedules and memberships please visit https://torontosportclub.com

Safety precautions compliant with COVID-19 rules and regulations, temperature checks, staff facial coverings, and frequent sanitization are in effect.