Many people think gift-giving needs to have a certain price tag on it or even a certain brand name attached to it. But, for a lot of people, it is about the meaning behind the gift that truly makes it one of the best gifts someone can give or receive. 

Jewelry is known to be a sentimental gift. Jewelry is everlasting. If what you buy is good quality materials, this item can last for generations and even be worth more than what you bought it for. If you’re thinking I’m talking about gold or silver jewelry, you’re wrong. I’m talking about a string bracelet that represents value in what it brings to the person and not the worth of the item. 

The kabbalah or red string bracelet is a bracelet worn by many. This Jewish traditional bracelet is to ward off misfortune or the evil eye. This bracelet could represent love; it could tangle or stretch but never break, just like the relationship, no matter where or how far you are from another, the bracelet will last forever. 

This bracelet may seem cheap, thinking it is just a piece of red string, but if you wear a thin, scarlet or crimson string, it represents itself as a talisman that will ward off misfortune and the evil eye. Many religions and faiths believe in the evil eye. For the Greeks, they use an eye as the symbol itself to ward off these misfortunes. For Italians, many of them use either the ‘chilli pepper’ or ‘hand’. 

Any and all of these symbols can be used and adopted by anyone who wants to ward off these gestures. For the red string bracelet practices of today, many people have created their own meanings that were adopted from the original. Today many celebrities have been seen wearing these bracelets, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, and many more. Many can assume they wear this for their own purposes and not ones of the Jewish faith. 

For today’s culture behind the red string, many say it should be worn on your left wrist because it is closest to your heart. They say it should also be tied in a knot 7 times while saying a wish or an intention. If you have made an intention, you should never cut off the bracelet (bad luck), and only when it falls off it when the wish has or will shortly become fulfilled. 

Knowing the significance behind this bracelet many people run to discover the truth behind it, well, many people will tell you many things. The most truth behind this bracelet would be to believe in it yourself. If you need it to do something for you, believe it will. If you want protection, believe it will. If you want to feel love and connection between family/ friends or a partner who is halfway around the world, believe it will. Believing in the bracelet is what gives it the most value.