Spring clean your space just in time for the new season ahead.

spring cleaning

Spring is officially upon us which means it’s time to spring clean your space. Out with the old and in with the new. The vibe is clean, fresh, and functional!

Check out our top tips below on how to spring clean your space just in time for the new season ahead.

spring cleaning

Organize your WFH desk

Revamp your at-home workspace by organizing everything you need into one place. This will allow you to function better because everything you require for your workday will be super accessible and easy to find. Enter, sousShelf. This must-have home organizer was developed by Vancouver-based brand AlessiaAdora. It is ideal to help you get organized this spring.


When it comes to smart organization, sousShelf really does it all. It acts as a desk organizer, bathroom caddy, nightstand valet, snack tray, and more! Supported by a wooden base, it supports your phone or tablet, while two fine porcelain holders fit perfectly into the wooden base to hold your most used items and tools. This is a must-have addition to any workspace. It is also available in Maple or Walnut finishes.

Clean out your closet

New season means new wardrobe! Reorganize your closet by getting rid of the clothing, shoes or accessories you know you won’t be sporting anytime soon for a wardrobe refresh. Taking a hint from tidying expert Marie Kondo, be sure to only keep the items that bring you joy and you know you will be able to wear for the next few years.

spring cleaning

When it comes to making space in your closet, try to keep clothing items that are everyday staples. For instance, neutral-coloured tops, solid cuts of denim and functional outerwear you can take from season to season. Try to steer clear of fads and trendy items and instead make room for more classic pieces. A capsule wardrobe will last you a lifetime!

Deep clean your space

Nothing says spring cleaning like a nice deep clean of your entire space. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a house or are looking to simply tidy up your room, take a few hours to really deep clean your space. Cleaning can be therapeutic, and it will allow you to  gain control over your environemnt. Some may feel overwhelmed if things are indisarray. As well, disorganization or cluttered spaces can make it extremely hard to focus.

spring cleaning

Take a few hours out of your day or weekend to focus on getting your space in order so it’s more funcitonal for your everyday life. For instance, you can deep clean the kitchen and organize your tools to make cooking less stressful. You can also clean up your bedroom by decluttering and washing down the space so it feels more refreshed. Doing something simple just washing your sheets (becuase that’s always the best feeling) will instantly revamp your space. It will also instantly feel more clean. When it comes to washing your space, it’s important to try and invest in eco-fridnly cleaners. This way, your space can look good and you can feel good and sprin cleaning.

Remember, yu don’t have to feel overwhelmed with cleaning an entire space in one day. Take it room by room and do what feels most comfortable for you. You can be flexible when it comes to spring cleaning to ensure you clean your space on your time. It may take some time but the end result will be totally worth it!

Trust us- taking these simple steps to spring clean your space will ensure you’re more functional in the long run!

Published by HOLR Magazine.