When celebrities have 1 name or 3 you already know they will be the coolest, most stylish around.

Millie Bobby Brown is only 18 but looks 28, and has been the leading cast member of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things since she was just 11. 


Starting in the industry at a young age with such an immediate fan base is hard, but for Millie and the rest of the Stranger Things cast, they have managed to keep it at bay and handle the fame and paparazzi well. 

In 2018, Millie was enlisted for a Moncler campaign at the young age of 13, from there her fame became even bigger as her style started to blossom into more high-end fashion. Now, as the years go by, Millie has really not had a bad year in terms of fashion, she is learning from the best, has a full team to work with her, and already knows what works and what doesn’t. 


Millie is still at a young age but because of her burst onto the celebrity scene she has had a very mature sense of style. For an 18-year-old, she is sometimes questioned and criticized about her look, including her full look with hair and make-up. 

It seems like Millie is putting herself in a category unlike anyone before her, for people like Zendaya and others who have grown up with fame at a young age, they have been more relaxed with their everyday attire. 

Now, for Millie her looks seem to be very calculated, they are always perfect, and it could be her preference but, they are always perfect and never casual. Millie never misses, from her clothes to her accessories to her hair and makeup everything is done perfectly. 


Millie is a girly girl, and very British, she loves a skirt or a dress and is seen a lot wearing them. Sometimes she does add a little bit of fun and flair, she will add some pieces to her looks that are a little more her age. 

Millie loves accessorizing she will wear a fun purse or bag, she also has a great footwear game, she has worn converse or doc martins with skirts and dresses which really shows her age. 

For a girl in her late teens, she definitely knows what suits her and what doesn’t. Millie is seen multiple times in many layers, sometimes with a blazer on top or in a very classic British style with a jumper. On the young icons list, Millie might just be in the top 5 for red carpet/award show outfits, but her street style is still maturing with her. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine