After the financial success of DC’s 2016 film Suicide Squad, Warner Bros Pictures announced plans for the sequel of the movie, The Suicide Squad, where we will see a new group of villains forced to complete missions. But who are these new villains? Who will return from the movie?

Cnet (August 2021)

Because we all love the film-series interconnected universes and multiverses, Warner Bros Pictures wants to delight DC fans with this incredible reboot. Although, it is not an exact sequel to the 2016 film.

It has been known that Warner abandoned plans for a direct sequel and eventually brought Gunn to write and direct a brand-new iteration of Task Force X. One of the returning actors, Jai Courtney, explained in an interview with Variety that this new version is very different from the one directed by David Ayer.

“I think it’s kind of got a different flavor. There’s a whole bunch of new characters. James Gunn has an approach to things that is uniquely his; he pulls a lot of that into the Suicide Squad world. And I think it fits really well, and audiences are going to have a lot of fun with it”, said the actor.

Is it related to the first movie? Director James Gunn answered a worried fan if it was necessary for him to watch the first movie to understand the new one, to which Gunn replied via Twitter “No, you will be just fine”. 

And who are the characters that returned to the sequel? The members from Task Force X include Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and their tough leader Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

USA Today (August 2021)

Some of the new characters are Peacemaker (John Cena), King Shark (voiced. By Silvester Stallone) and Bloodsport (Idris Elba), introducing a cast of well-known stars. Director James Gunn when asked by fans why there were only 4 characters from the first movie, he replied through an Instagram Story “because they were the ones who fit best into this story”.

The returning characters seemed to be difficult to be left out, as Rick Flag is the field leader, Amanda Waller is the leader of the whole team, and Harley Quinn interpreted by Margot Robbie was a favorite character with a favorite actress. Although it also seems the characters were chosen by their approval rating from critics. Read more about the director’s personal reasons here.

Early reviews have praised the movie to be way better than the first one. Go watch it now in theatres or HBO Max! Want to read about another sequel in development? Read about the Cruella sequel here.

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