The end of summer is near and that means the only way to kick off a good labour day or an end of summer is with food and games at a fair. Unfortunately, with fairs being closed we can’t have the wacky food or fun games this summer, but we could try for ourselves at home. 

Chef Matt Basile and Tostitos have teamed up to make fun recipes that will remind you of the fair, and be a (small crowd) pleaser at a picnic or bbq this labour day weekend. 

Not only is labour day weekend a great day to spend the last days of summer outside having fun with friends or family, but on August 31st, it is a national eat outside day. To commemorate the day and weekend Chef Matt has created two crowd pleaser recipes that will make you think you’re at the fair. 

To think about fair food is always going to be fun things that you wouldn’t really try at home, sometimes it would be extra-large bags of popcorn, or footlong corndogs, or deep-fried mars bars. For this “at-home” long weekend, Chef Matt and Tostitos has you covered, they have teamed up to create two awesome recipes that will have you thinking you’re at the fair. 

Chef Matt Basile’s Corn Dog con Queso

Chef Matt Corn Dog

Grab yourself some popsicle sticks, some hotdogs and a bag of Tostitos Hint of Spicy Queso flavour tortilla chips and the rest is as easy as 5 steps. Following Chef Matt’s steps are not only both simple and easy but it makes everything fun when making something as exciting as corn dog con queso. 

The next recipe may not be something you’ve had a recent summer at the fair, but this year Nashville hot chicken has been a crowd favourite for companies all around the world. Everyone has been trying their take on make Nashville hot chicken, but Chef Matt turned it up a level. 

Chef Matt Basile’s Nashville Hot Chicken Nugget Nachos:

Chef Matt Nachos

If that isn’t a mouthful then I don’t know what is. Chef Matt has taken a little bit of chicken, a bag of Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips, some of your favourite dippings like cheese or salsa, and created the most perfect combination of chips and chicken. This one might be the new crowd favourite, and it’s simple and easy to make and totally shareable. 

Kick off the end of summer right with these fun recipes and I’m sure you won’t be missing the fair food after trying these while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine