The first sets of the unique Supreme x Emilio Pucci collection received many positive reviews from fashionistas as soon as they were introduced on social networking sites.

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Indeed, we have all witnessed unique collections from fashion brands combined with famous artists in the fashion world. This combination always attracts shoppers, especially young people, artists fans, and excitement from fashionistas. And when fashion brands launch exclusive collections, we always see the unique value and uniqueness of products to create brands for all three objects: brands, celebrities, and buyers. And not to let everyone wait long, recently, streetwear brand Supreme has a new collaboration with designer Emilio Pucci to create extremely new and stylish items.

It can be seen that this combined collection was released in the early summer of this year, making the community extremely excited to buy to wear it right in the summer. The collection has officially launched in Supreme stores nationwide and is also available on online websites giving people the opportunity to order now before the products sell out. Referring to Supreme, the fashion community cannot resist the attraction of the quality and class in this brand for many years. And this is even better when the Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci, with his popularity and artistic talent specialized in texture designs, has transformed Supreme-branded outfits into extremely trendy and highlighted the retro style. Therefore, the hotness of this collection is becoming more widespread than ever. Even if the items are sold out, there will be many fashionistas looking forward to the following published items.


Supreme and Emilio Pucci launched their collection with items: swirling, summer camp shirts, and shorts. Pucci’s vintage accents enrich Supreme’s streetwear designs. Besides, Emily Pucci also has more vivid variations on jackets, shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, as well as accessories such as glasses, belts, caps, and Zippo lighters. The sets and accessories in the collection include a variety of colors and are always retro with modern touches through the texture artworks of the Italian designer. 


This menswear collection is inspired by three color schemes that span Pucci’s Fantasia 1970 and 1965 Tulipani collections. Fantasia motifs bring bright tones associated with designer Emilio Pucci’s resort design, including gray, black, white, pink, and blue, and turquoise, green, white, purple. The Tulipani motif is a combination of cherry red, tangerine orange, yellow, green, and black.

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If you are a fashionista and especially a fan of Supreme or designer Emilio Pucci, visit and immediately to find out the latest information about the collection.

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