Even though Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino are still officially engaged, there is a growing sense of suspense following the recent breakup of her co-star’s relationship.

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Jonathan Davino, the fiancé of Sydney Sweeney, was seen leaving her house with his bags packed and dog in tow after rumours of the “Euphoria” actress’ close friendship with co-star Glen Powell circulated.

Davino, who has been engaged to Sweeney for over a year, was seen just the day before walking their dog in the neighbourhood.

On Thursday, Sweeney was then seen leaving for home. She was, however, missing her engagement ring, as seen in pictures that the Daily Mail was able to obtain.

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Some fans believed that Davino may have left Sweeney because of the cheating allegations, while others dismissed the notion out of hand.

As you are surely aware, Sydney’s co-star Glen Powell is now a single man after his girlfriend Gigi Paris made it clear that they were splitting up in a very public way.

Rumours have circulated that Sydney and Glen had more than a professional relationship, and those rumours were fanned in part by the two of them being on a red carpet earlier this week looking adoringly at each other.

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Page Six announced earlier this week that Paris and Powell, who had been dating since 2020, split in early April when the model visited the “Top Gun: Maverick” set in Australia.

Considering the fact that their split was “amicable,” Paris has unfollowed both Sweeney and Powell on Instagram.

While it’s unclear why the twosome split up, fans believe it had something to do with Powell, and Sweeney’s obvious chemistry.

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