Sydney Sweeney’s Team Claps Back at “Can’t Act” Criticism Following Hollywood Producer’s Claims.

Actress Sydney Sweeney has recently found herself at the centre of controversy after Hollywood producer Carol Baum made disparaging remarks about her acting abilities and appearance. Baum’s comments, made during a public event, have sparked a response from Sweeney and her team.

What did Carol Baum say about Sydney Sweeney?

During a conversation with a New York Times film critic, Carol Baum whose films include Father Of The Bride, reportedly criticised Sydney Sweeney’s acting abilities and physical appearance. Baum questioned Sweeney’s talent, labelling her as “not pretty” and incapable of acting, despite her growing prominence in the industry.

Sydney Sweeney and Hollywood producer Carol Baum

She further expressed bewilderment at Sweeney’s popularity, citing an instance where she found one of Sweeney’s films “unwatchable.” This critique, delivered in a public forum, sparked controversy and drew widespread condemnation for its disrespectful and damaging nature.

Sydney Sweeney’s Response

In a statement issued through her representative, Sweeney expressed disappointment at Baum’s remarks, labeling them as “shameful.” She emphasized the importance of women supporting each other in the industry and condemned Baum’s choice to attack her instead of offering constructive criticism.

Sydney Sweeney

Teddy Schwarzman, a co-producer on Sweeney’s film “Immaculate,” also defended her talent and character, highlighting her two-time Emmy nomination.

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